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About Actus Digital

Actus is the fastest growing provider of solutions to US TV stations and M&E companies, for:
> Multiviewer Monitoring
> Quality Assurance Alerting
> Compliance Logging
> Air Check Recording
> Ad Verification

We make the afforable and reliable platform preferred by broadcast engineers,
but our solution is also very popular for a variety of other users and use-cases:

Clip Factory Pro - Our advanced clip-editing/creation tool enables quick content repurposing for Social Media, VoD assets, or sending content back-to-air.

Competitive News Analysis - Review Ratings graphs showing you and your competitors with video side-by-side, collaborate with notes, and make programming decisions to improve your stations performance.

AdMatch - Provides automated commercial tracking across stations in your market generating weekly lead-lists of those placing ads on other channels. Non-station uses include political ad tracking enhanced with dynamic metadata.

Actus Light-MAM - Automates content publishing based on date/time and PSIP information to help our customers beat the competition to Digital and create an archive.

Actus AI and Meta-Data - Integration with external engines convert Speech-to-Text and identify people and places to enable advanced searches and retrieve content.

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