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Painless scheduling with other companies.
Right inside Spark.

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See open times on any digital calendar directly in Spark.

Visual Calendar Comparison

Compare open times with people from different companies to quickly find a meeting time that works for everyone. Simply add the Approved Contact BOT to your Spark rooms and allow your open times to be viewable through Approved Contact. Webex meetings can be scheduled directly from Spark.

Powerful Integrations (coming soon)

Seamless scheduling of available times for multiple parties through websites, text, email, mobile, voice recognition and phone. Use Integrated Voice Response to schedule meetings. Text your personal calendar link to any party allowing them to view your open times or allow inbound texts to schedule meetings.

Communicate and Collaborate

Approved Contact gives you a secure place inside of Spark to share calendars and conversations while you collaborate with other approved companies.

Sync and Archive

In Approved Contact, all your data is yours. Sync all communication with any major CRM, and archive your data however you want.

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